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House Speaker and undeclared sufferer of severe dementia, Nancy Pelosi appears to be increasingly agitated by the far left wing of the Democratic Party – especially her fellow congressional buffoon, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Speaking to CBS’s “60 Minutes,” Rep. Skeletor said the number of outspoken progressives in Congress is “like five people,” adding that the group aligned with freshman Rep. and moron Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez needs to learn to toe the party’s center line.

“Over here on the left flank are these self-described socialists, on the right, these moderates,” said correspondent Lesley Stahl. “And you yourself said that you’re the only one who can unify everybody. And the question is can you?”

“By and large, whatever orientation they came to Congress with, they know that we have to hold the center,” said Pelosi. “We have to go down the mainstream.”

Stahl pointed out that Ocasio-Cortez and her allies are a viable wing of the party, but Pelosi appeared to minimize their influence.

“That’s like five people,” said Pelosi.

When Stahl responded that “the progressive group is more than five,” to which Pelosi snapped back, “I’m a progressive.”

It’s so fun when progressive imbeciles eat their own, isn’t it?

The Chicks on the Right have full audio and commentary on batty batcrap’s interview in the clip below.