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MUNCIE, Ind. — A student from Ball State University should have thought twice before posting to Snapchat.

The post helped lead to his arrest in an attack that happened near campus, said police. 

Around 1 a.m. on March 30, Muncie police were called to a Ball State fraternity house, where they found an intoxicated student bleeding from the left side of his head, said the Muncie Star Press

The student was taken to IU Health Ball Memorial Hospital, where he got three staples to close the wound.

He told police he left Brothers Bar and Grill when a white man with long hair came up and hit him several times in the head. 

He also showed police a screenshot of a Snapchat that showed a smiling white man showing off his bloody knuckles. There was also a message that read, “I was giving this guy —- for wearing cargos and then he swung on me.”

Police identified the man in the photo as Brandon Reinholt, 21, of Warsaw. He was arrested on Friday and accused of battery. 

In an interview, Reinholt said he hit the other man after being hit in the left temple. 

The Star Press says the injured man and two other witnesses said the injured man never threw a punch. 

Police say the Snapchat photo didn’t show any injuries, other than Reinholt’s knuckles. Reinholt was asked by police why he was smiling in the photo, which he answered he was happy he wasn’t killed. 

Reinholt has been released from the Delaware County jail. Police say he told them everyone else but him is lying. He also said he was a Ball State student and that this will ruin his reputation.

(Photo: Delaware County Jail)