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STATEWIDE–If a teacher in Indiana wants to bring a gun into school, they would need to pass firearms training first. That’s what a bill that passed the Senate Wednesday says. 

It’s already legal for school districts to allow guns on campus, if the school board chooses.

The bill currently being debated by legislators would require staff members who bring guns on campus to have specialized weapons training. Not everyone is on board with it. 

“There should never be a gun in a classroom,” State Sen. Greg Taylor, a Democrat from Indianapolis said. “Never!”  

Melton shared Taylor’s sentiment. 

“An armed teacher may potentially shoot an unarmed student or first responder in the chaos of a mass shooting,” State Sen. Eddie Melton, a Democrat from Gary said. 

But Republican Senator Travis Holdman said the bill sets out the framework that’s needed if a school board decides that they’re going to allow firearms in the building. 

“It provides the necessary guardrails for training for those individuals who might be selected by the school board to carry in the building,” Holdman said. 

Republican Senator Chris Garten says this bill was written with the safety of teachers and students in mind. 

“A vote against this bill is a vote for allowing teachers to carry guns in schools without proper training. We’re allowing law-abiding citizens to be able to practice their second-amendment rights,” Garten said.

The bill is still making its way through the state legislature. It’s just a couple of steps away from being signed by Governor Eric Holcomb.     

(PHOTO: GunSafety_Thinkstock_Rich Legg)