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(Scott Olson/Getty Images)

South Bend Mayor and 2020 Presidential Candidate Pete Buttigieg was virtually unknown outside his home state of Indiana until two months ago, yet he has managed to surge into third place in polls in Iowa and New Hampshire, which are the states that hold the first primary elections in the race for the Democratic nomination.

There’s no arguing the fact that Buttigieg is a charismatic and likable candidate. Unfortunately, he’s also just to the left of Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren on key policy issues.

How can 37-year-old Pete Buttigieg emerge as a front runner in a political climate where traditional democrat voters desire a candidate who can capture moderates and republican voters who are disenchanted with Trump, while socialist Senator Bernie Sanders has garnered support and millions of dollars in campaign contributions from staunch progressives? 

WIBC host Tony Katz explores the issue in today’s Popcorn Moment.