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ZIONSVILLE, Ind. — Michele Modglin caught a photo of a large snake while hiking along a local parks’ trail. 

She shared her photo of the black rat snake with Zionsville Parks. The parks department said adult rat snakes are typically from 3-5 feet long, but larger ones may grow to 6 feet.

“Although their size can be intimidating, rat snakes are predators to mice and rats and help keep our local habitats healthy,” said a Facebook post from the town. “They will also eat squirrels, chipmunks, birds, as well as bird eggs. 

“Rat snakes are excellent climbers, and prefer to relax up in the trees instead of down on the ground.”

Do you want to see the snake for yourself? Modglin told the town she captured the snake’s photo along the Big 4 Rail Trail. It spans 3.7 miles from Heritage Trail Park off Boone County Road 875 East to a bridge over Eagle Creek south of Starkey Avenue. 

The town noted it has no venomous snakes slinking about, but other species in the parks include midland water snakes, garter snakes and others. 

“All snakes can bite or musk if they feel threatened. We ask that you show respect, give them room, and take lots and lots of pictures. We love our native snakes!” the Facebook post said. 

Mindy Murdock, a Zionsville Parks naturalist, also asked more people who visit the parks to share their snake photos. 

(PHOTO: Michele Modglin/WISH-TV)