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No collusion, no obstruction of justice, and no end to Democrats’ perverse need to find something – ANYTHING – to impugn the integrity and legitimacy of Donald Trump’s presidency. 

The very moment that Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller announced he had found no evidence of criminal wrongdoing by the President, his 2016 election campaign, or his administration, Democrats began moving the goal posts YET AGAIN.

Wednesday night into Thursday morning, Democrats were accusing Attorney General William Barr of attempting to protect the President and “deliberately distorting” the details revealed in Mueller’s findings as he held his “unnecessary” press conference prior to the release of the redacted report. 

“Special Counsel Mueller’s report paints a disturbing picture of a president who has been weaving a web of deceit, lies and improper behavior and acting as if the law doesn’t apply to him,” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer said in a joint statement on Thursday “But if you hadn’t read the report and listened only to Mr. Barr, you wouldn’t have known any of that because Mr. Barr has been so misleading.”

Democrats are also questioning the integrity of Special Agent Robert Mueller. House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff announced Thursday that his committee has invited Mueller “to testify on the counterintelligence investigation.” 

WIBC host Tony Katz thinks that’s a grand idea! Click the link below to hear Tony’s full commentary.