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(INDIANAPOLIS) – The legislative session will end Wednesday — unless it doesn’t.

House Speaker Brian Bosma says he hopes to adjourn for the year by “midweek” — he’s been aiming for Wednesday, but he and Senate President Pro Tem Rod Bray are both saying adjournment could slip till Thursday.

Bray says budget negotiators are close to a deal, with school funding and one or two other issues left to resolve. He says there could be a deal on Monday. But Bosma says the real holdup will come not from the negotiations, but the logistics of printing a 200-page budget, and reviewing it to make sure it says what legislators intended it to say. That could push back the vote a couple of days after there’s agreement.

But once the budget is finalized, Bosma says, “Everything else needs to be done or needs to be expendable.”

Legislators still need a deal on a gambling bill and a bill offering financing for an Indianapolis soccer stadium. Bray says they’re close to agreements there too. They’re also trying to finalize a school safety proposal and a bill to prod school districts to give teachers raises.

The House and Senate face a constitutional deadline to adjourn by midnight on Monday, April 29.

House Speaker Brian Bosma (Photo: Eric Berman/WIBC)