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Picture this:

A hidden camera… A hot shower… The friend of A FLORIDA MAN’s niece… Moisture… 

Depending upon your psychological profile and what tends to get you hot, the prior description sets the stage for a scene that is either incredibly sexy or incredibly creepy. 

In this particular circumstance, ‘creepy’ is the assessment of the fine people at the Hammer and Nigel show.

Editor’s note: Hammer abstained from rendering an opinion.

Here’s the skinny:

A 46-year-old FLORIDA MAN was arrested last week on allegations of using a hidden camera to record women showering in his home.

According to the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office, the suspect’s niece and her friend who were housesitting for him when they discovered the hidden camera in November.

The niece and victim removed the device and took it to the girl’s mother, according to the sheriff’s report. The mother removed an SD card from the device, plugged it into a computer and observed several videos of people in the suspect’s bathroom, including some in the shower.

By the way, the suspect’s name is Jonathan MOIST. 

Deputies said Moist claimed he didn’t know the camera was in the bathroom and said he thought it was only a phone charger.

Behold the official news feature from News 6 in Orlando in which the anchor assigned to the story attempts to liven up his report with wacky puns:

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