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(Photo: Abdul-Hakim Shabazz)

The 2019 NRA convention kicks off in the city of Indianapolis this weekend, and WIBC will be broadcasting live throughout the day on Friday.

WIBC host Tony Katz wants NRA members and convention attendees to know that the city of Indianapolis “welcomes all.” Yes, even the misguided protestors from Mom’s Demand Action, who are asking local business owners to place flyers in the windows of their establishments “denying entry to anyone carrying a firearm.”


“Indy should want to have people of all different political views and positions, and we should want as a city to not ostracize those people who you disagree with. Now I didn’t say we should be rolling out the red carpet for the Neo-Nazis. I won’t attend; I might even protest, but I won’t deny their right to convene a hold their rally if they are American citizens. And to the protestors of the NRA, I say, ‘Welcome.’

The NRA members are people who engage their Second Amendment rights as Americans. That doesn’t make them bad people, and those who think they are bad people have a lot to learn. 

Mom’s Demand Action thinks that the NRA is wrong in supporting the defense of the Second Amendment because they are anti-gun zealots who believe you should be afraid of firearms.

Mom’s Demand Action has been attempting to place flyers throughout the city that state the merchants deny entry to those who are carrying firearms. Now, if business owners want to do that, go ahead; it’s your right. But don’t be surprised if people take notice.”

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