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Christine Pauley, the Carmel Clerk Treasurer joins Tony Katz. The mayor of Carmel, Jim Brainard, is currently facing accusations of bribery, but now Ms. Pauley has come forward to announce that the Mayor created a toxic environment as well as instances of sexual impropriety. Ms. Pauley has emails that detail Mayor Brainard inviting her on private trips.

“The emails speak clearly to the inappropriateness to Jim Brainard’s intentions… It was going to be a secret. Under the guise of trying to mentor he would invite me to these events.”

The Mayor responded to the allegations by claiming that he was in a relationship with Ms. Pauley- an allegation which she denies.

When asked if Mayor Brainard had touched her in an inappropriate way, Pauley claimed that he had, but did not go into detail.

Pauley has said that this has been going on for three years. After almost pursuing legal measures in 2016, she decided to come forward now.

“This has to do with the voters understanding the poor judgement that the Mayor possesses.”