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CARMEL, Ind. — Sexual and workplace harassment are the accusations being made by Carmel clerk-treasurer Christine Pauley against the city’s mayor Jim Brainard.

Pauley spoke on the accusations to Tony Katz on 93 WIBC. She claims she was harassed by Brainard and that he created a “toxic” work environment. When asked if she had every been inappropriately touch by Brainard, she replied “yes he did.”

“The emails speak clearly of the impropriety and inappropriateness of Jim Brainard’s intentions,” Pauley said. “In one of the emails he invited me on a trip to Rome. Under the guise of trying to mentor me he would invite me to these various speaking events.”

Pauley said Brainard would use his personal AOL account to send her invitation that varied in nature. She said one of those invitations was to a cabin in Minnesota where she said the could “spend evenings by the fire” and “get massages.” 

“I point blank said ‘no’,” Pauley said.

Pauley also said that there were rumors going around that she and Brainard were dating, which she said were started by Brainard, but could not say if there was anyone who could corroborate that. 

A photo has been going around of what looks like Brainard and Pauley in an embrace at at a Carly Fiorina campaign event in Carmel in 2016. Many, including Carmel city spokeswoman Nancy Heck, said that the photo obviously shows that the two were romantically involved.

Pauley again denied that she had ever dated Jim Brainard.

The timing of the accusations has also been a talking point, Many, including Pauley’s own lawyer, admit that her making the accusations public right before an election for mayor in Carmel could be seen as a more political move.

“There was a thought that I might pursue it in 2016, but I decided against it,” Pauley said. “I had three more years of my term left and I wanted to do a good job for the city of Carmel and not be embattled with the mayor.”

Pauley said she does not plan to pursue any legal action against Brainard.

In a letter posted to the YouAreCurrent website, many woman who work in Jim Brainard’s office call Pauley’s claims “outragous and reprehensible.” 


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