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INDIANAPOLIS — Before President Trump took the stage at the NRA Convention on Friday afternoon, his Vice President, Mike Pence spoke to the tens of thousands in attendance. 

“It’s good to be back home again in Indiana,” Pence said to begin his speech. 

The Vice President was quick to make a promise to gun owners, promising them that he and President Trump will not take their guns away. 

Pence mentioned Republicans must keep fighting for their rights. 

“The truth is, we live in a time when freedom is under assault,” Pence said to the crowd. “It’s not just the freedom that the NRA defends. It’s the freedom to live, to work, and to worship God are all being threatened by the radical left every day.”

Pence added that he believes Socialism will not work in the United States. 

“It was freedom, not socialism, that gave us the most prosperous economy in the history of the world,” Pence said. “The moment America becomes a socialist country, is the moment America seizes to be America. So we must say with one voice, ‘America will never be a Socialist country.’”

The VP also took time in his speech to talk about a new study that was released this morning, saying the U.S. economy grew 3.2{b738c8d81c72d45da79d596f76991eeb044315dc3b27bc6668899a5a04085174} in the first quarter of 2019. 

(Photo: WISH-TV)