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KOKOMO, Ind.–It may be time to go to the doctor. Colds, allergies and the flu are all affecting Hoosiers, said Dr. Vince Guglielmetti, with MedExpress in Indiana. But, he said you need to know which one you have so you can get the right medicine and determine whether a doctor visit is appropriate.

“Itchy eyes, sneezing, runny nose-it’s without a fever,” he said, describing allergy symptoms that you might pick up when cutting grass or spending time outside. “What I’ve seen is people rub their eyes so much that they turn red. Also, you infect yourself with dirty hands. You could ultimately get an eye infection.”

He said a cold comes with a constant runny nose and sinus pressure. He said a doctor doesn’t normally treat a cold unless it goes past seven days. Then they may prescribe antibiotics.

“So, I just recommend everybody get some over-the-counter medicine. I recommend Advil Cold and Sinus, any of the Mucinex DMs,” said Guglielmetti.

The flu is a bit worse.

“We’ve been seeing high fevers, vomiting, sneezing, runny eyes, runny nose, in some cases diarrhea.”

He said a high fever is typically considered over 102. If you have that for an extended period, he says go see a doctor and get a swab to test for the flu.

“If you catch it early enough, there’s products out there, antivirals, Tamiflu. Otherwise, beyond 48 hours…cough medicine, Motrin, Tylenol, fluids.”

Even though there haven’t been many people with it in Indiana, Guglielmetti says watch out for the measles, especially if you’re not vaccinated. Some of the symptoms are the same as a cold or the flu, but with another added feature.

“It also comes with a rash starting on the torso and spreading to the extremities and the face,” he said.

He said for a cold or the flu, exhaust all over-the-counter remedies before you go to the doctor for a prescription.

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