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UPDATE: IMPD said their search did not bring any new information.

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INDIANAPOLIS — She’s been missing for over a month and detectives are still looking for now 9-month-old Amiah Robertson.

The baby girl has been missing since March. She was last seen with her mother’s boyfriend, Robert Lyons, who was supposed to take her to a babysitter’s house March 9th. The little girl never showed up according to the babysitter.

It was at the babysitter’s house where IMPD was searching for clues Monday. Today, they plan to bring in an anthropology team of students and faculty from the University of Indianapolis to help search in the ground of the babysitter’s backyard.

Several neighbors were looking on Monday as detectives did their work.

“I just think about my two-year-old granddaughter,” said Debbie Campbell who has been helping in the search for Amiah. “I work at a daycare. She’s just so beautiful. We pray that she’s found whether she’s alive or at peace.”

Detectives are treating the case as a homicide. 

Lyons is a suspect and police say he had taunted Amiah’s mother, Amber Robertson, about Amiah’s whereabouts since March 10. They say he has told family, friends and police various locations where the girl should found alive. All of these locations were checked by police. 

Some places where Lyons said the girl should be are locations that do not exist, say detectives.

Lyons was arrested on March 17 on a domestic-related charge. Based on that evidence having nothing to do with the investigation into Amiah’s disappearance, Lyons was released.