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Left-wing legislative lunatics in California are asking restuarants to add a “voluntary” 1 percent surcharge on customers’ bills to help combat climate change.

Dubbed “The Restore California Renewable Restaurant program,” this helpful legislative reminder to never live in California was praised by the fine people of CNN, noting that the “program will give diners the opportunity to pay the voluntary fee as an addition to their check”

How kind of California’s financially, morally, and intellectually bankrupt government to help faciliate this “opportunity” for customers. 

Please note, however, that while insidiously stupid, the Restore California Renewable Restaurant program is “voluntary” Yes, and that will never change… 

Meanwhile carbon emissions from China and India continue to obliterate any positive environmental impact from California’s delusional restrictions, bans, and “voluntary” fees. In other words, California’s efforts are little more than a CO2-infused fart in the wind in terms of global influence. 

The Chicks on the Right talk the latest efforts from California politicians to drive their populations and businesses to other lower tax states in the clip below.