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(Scott Olson/Getty Images)

Rob Kendall, WIBC producer, host, and thorn in the side of the Indiana GOP is most unpleased with the signing (and reading) priorities of our Governor, Eric Holcomb.

Governor Holcomb signed the state’s $34 billion budget bill into law Monday, praising lawmakers for a budget approved by party-line votes in the House and Senate last week that projects $2 billion in reserves.

“Hoosiers will benefit from the legislation advanced by our Next Level agenda, including a balanced budget, increasing funding for education and improving school safety,” Holcomb said. “We made these achievements while maintaining responsible reserves and our AAA credit ratings. I applaud lawmakers for completing another productive legislative session.”

Governor Holcomb’s pen was short on ink, however, when it came to signing a gaming bill that would allow sweeping changes to the state’s casino industry.

Holcomb told reporters Monday that he’s still reviewing the provisions of House Enrolled Act 1015 that last week was approved 59-36 by the Republican-controlled House, and 37-12 by the Republican-controlled Senate.

“I want to learn more on the gaming bill,” Holcomb said. “This all happened quickly at the end of session, as happens when you’re making sausage in this building and there’s an expire date on it.”

WIBC’s Rob Kendall, in for the vacationing Jason Hammer, offered his response to the Governor’s justification for delaying on the gaming bill. Click the link below to check it out.