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(Screen Capture: YouTube/DCShorts)

Today’s Popcorn Moment is simply delcious on so many levels. Why? Because a contributor for the left-leaning ‘news’ network MSNBC just inadvertently offered up an incredibly powerful argument for preserving the rights granted under the Second Amendment.

Here’s what went down:

MSNBC contributor Kerry Sanders was reporting on the crisis in Venezuela Tuesday when he told host Andrea Mitchell on her show that the efforts to oust President Nicolas Maduro are taking longer than expected in part because not everyone in the country is allowed to own guns.

“So if the military have the guns, they have the power,” said Sanders, adding that as long as Maduro controls the military he controls the country.

Need proof that it actually happened?

The fact that this exchange took place on MSNBC is absolutely extraordinary.

WIBC host Tony Katz:

“This is the argument for the Second Amendment. And for those who are saying, ‘Oh Tony, you’re fear mongering; that could never happen in the United States,’ it wasn’t supposed to be able to happen in Venezuela either. Yet I have video of it happening. I have MSNBC admitting to the issue. How did we get to the point where those people were so defenseless? Well, the people gave away their power because the government told them it was good for them.”

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