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(BEBETO MATTHEWS / Contributor / Getty Images)

The mainstream media and political pundits are focussed this week on South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg’s meeting with the Reverand Al Sharpton for all the wrong reasons.

Buttigieg met with Sharpton for lunch in Harlem at a place known for soul food in the city, and according to reports, the 2020 Presidential hopeful dined on fried chicken, macaroni and cheese and collard greens.

Buttigieg received criticism for an awkward moment when he asked Sharpton if it was acceptable to eat the fried chicken with his hands. WIBC host Tony Katz’s response? Who cares about chicken??

“Isn’t the bigger story why Pete Buttigieg found it necessary to meet with Al Sharpton – a bigot who hangs out with bigots himself? 

He hate chicken? Who gives a crap? Why is he having lunch with Sharpton in the first place? That’s the question! How is that not the focus? 

You want to talk to me about morality and criticize Mike Pence while dining with Al Sharpton? Why does he want Al Sharpton’s blessing for his campaign? Why?

You say ‘Sorry, Al Sharpton, I don’t need you.’ That is leadership.”

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