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INDIANAPOLIS — She was hardly a “babysitter”, said Barry Browning, the husband of the woman police was the person who was suppose to have watch Amiah Robertson the night she when missing in Indianapolis.

The 8-month-old baby girl has been missing since March 9th. She was supposed to have been dropped off at the Browning’s home that day by Robert Lyons, but Browning’s wife told IMPD she never showed up.

He said police have now searched his home three times since her disappearance, which includes this weeks search where IMPD called in a team of anthropologists to dig up Browning’s back yard. 

“The police kicked us out of our house, told us we had to leave. Then the next day they dug up my yard and found nothing looking for that baby,” Browning said. “The warrant didn’t even have an address on it. They could have used it at anyone’s house.”

He said the investigation has brought them some unwanted attention with my people calling his wife “a child killer.”

Browning adds that his wife had only ever watched Amiah for Amber Robertson three times. The first time she watched her was in late February, only a couple weeks before she went missing. He said that hardly makes his wife a regular babysitter.

Browning also said his wife is being unfairly targeted by the police in the investigation. Deputy Chief Chris Bailey said on Monday that they believe many people connected to the case are not being forthcoming about what they know. Browning thinks he is referring to his wife.

“We ain’t done nothing. Leave us a lone,” said Browning.