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(Photo: Fox News/Fox Nation)

Fox News and Fox Nation firebrand Tomi Lahren returned to the Hammer and Nigel show Thursday to weigh in on Attorney General Bill Barr’s testimony this week before the Senate Judiciary Committee, which Lahren called a desperate attempt for democrats to hang on to whatever credibility they have left in the wake of Robert Mueller’s findings that DonaldTrump did not collude with the Russian government in the 2016 election for President.

“I think they’re scared for their electoral chances in the coming years, because they really need a stake in this whole [Russian] investigation, and now they’re looking foolish,” said Lahren. 

The Fox Nation host added that democrats are attempting to appeal to “low information voters” by carrying out the hearings on the Mueller investigation.

“And that’s really all that [democrats] need because there are so many Americans out there who sit in airports and watch CNN and MSNBC, and so that’s where they get their news,” said Lahren. “They see Mueller; they see Russia; they see Trump in the headline and they’re already convinced.”

Lahren also weighed in on Senator Lindsey Graham’s theatrics during Wednesday’s hearings, which included dropping an ‘F’ bomb while quoting an FBI agent’s text to his girlfriend at the time. 

“It’s great to see [Graham] get that fired up, don’t get me wrong,” said Lahren. “I wish we could see him get that fired up over the immigration crisis we have going on at the border.”

WIBC’s Hammer and Nigel wrapped up their interview with Lahren by discussing her new book, Never Play Dead, which is available for pre-order now. 

“The book is really a different angle than what people have seen from me in the past,” said Lahren. “It’s about what makes me [who I am], what I’ve fought for and what I’m going to keep fighting for.”

Never Play Dead also delves into some of the controversy surrounding Lahren’s time at “The Blaze” – including her public battle with Glenn Beck, which taught the Fox Nation host the importance of building and ultimately controlling her own brand.

“If you build your brand yourself, and you write your own commentaries, and you write your content, and you’re really passionate about what you do, no one can end that,” said Lahren. “[Glenn Beck] certainly tried, but here I am at Fox News so I guess I win.”

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