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MUNCIE, Ind. — The April jobs report is out, and total employment growth in the U.S. was 263,000. While last month’s slump in the jobless rate came with strong increase in hiring, it also was helped along by a sharp decline in the labor force of 490,000. 

The unemployment rate fell to 3.6{b738c8d81c72d45da79d596f76991eeb044315dc3b27bc6668899a5a04085174}, the lowest point in 50 years. 

“That is well below what economists predicted,” says Dr. Michael Hicks, an economist at Ball State University.

Hicks also says wages went up, seeing a 3.2{b738c8d81c72d45da79d596f76991eeb044315dc3b27bc6668899a5a04085174} increase over the last year. He says that’s a good sign for workers. 

“For the first time in more than a decade, it says workers are really calling the shots in the workplace and seeing some wage growth.”

According to Hicks, the construction industry saw the biggest growth, with 30,000 more jobs. There was also an increase in jobs in professional services, healthcare, and social services. 

(Photo by: Justin Sullivan/Getty)