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The Johnson County Sheriff’s Office is conducting a financial crimes investigation at the request of Center Grove School Corporation, the department said Friday.

Few details have been released in the investigation; however authorities did say the investigation does not pertain to any students or children. 

The department is not releasing any names of the suspect or suspects. Johnson County Sheriff Duane Burgess said the investigation is being worked diligently and more details will be released once the investigation comes to a close. 

The takeaway in all this, according to WIBC host Jason Hammer?

“When it comes time to vote on Tuesday and these school corporations are asking for more money on these taxpayer referendums, vote ‘no,’ because they’re awful at managing money. That’s why they’re asking you for it, and eventually, that crap has got to stop. Vote ‘no,’ because you’re going to get hit again in four years for more money. Why would they stop here?

Make these schools responsible for handling their own fiscal house. Schools are not going to close; kids are not going to be in any danger. That’s the kind of crap that they keep feeding you, and they’re going to be back at it again in another 4-8 years. Vote ‘no’ and make them get their fiscal house in order.”

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