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(Stephen J. Cohen / Contributor/Getty Images)

For middle-aged women with a penchant for 1980s boy-bands, New Kids on the Block are still the sh*t, according to WIBC Digital Queen Maddie Koss.

Donnie Wahlberg, Danny Wood, Joey McIntyre, Jordon Knight, and Jonathan Knight were strutting their stuff and lip-synching their hearts out at Bankers LIfe Fieldhouse Sunday night. Maddie was there with her mom, and she joined the Hammer and Nigel show Monday afternoon to recap the concert. 

Koss told Hammer and WIBC’s Rob Kendall that she’s scarred for life, but mom had the time of her life.

“She was getting down and dirty, having a great time,” said Koss, choking back vomit.

1980s fashion was apparently on full display as well.

“There were lots of tutus, lots of side ponytails, and lots of purple hair.”

While menopausal moms musical tastes might have been stuck in the past last night, the Gen-X ladies in the crowd still did their best to leverage the technology of the 21st century to capture the moment.

“The mom-selfies that were going on were a little crazy,” said Koss. “They were attempting to get the stage in the background of their selfies and it just wasn’t working.”

Koss, still recovering from the trauma of Sunday night’s experience, managed to sum up the middle-age crowd’s general mood as they jammed to the music of their childhood crushes: “They were a little bit psychotic.”

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