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STATE WIDE–Not many people have been voting early across the state. But, that’s not the case everywhere. Sec. of State Connie Lawson said she hopes people turn out to vote, even though turnout is typically low in a primary.


“The news I’m hearing across the state when I speak to clerks is that it has not been that busy,” said Lawson. “I’m hoping people do turn out to vote.”

In Marion County, where the election to decide candidates in the race for mayor of Indianapolis will have an effect on the state’s tourism outlook, more people voted early than in the 2015 and 2011 races. That number was about 4,300 when early voting ended Monday.

“These local elections, really they affect their lives on a daily basis more so than a state wide election, than federal elections,” said Lawson.

She said her office is open to give clerks the tools they need to run a secure election and the people in her office are ready to answer questions.

She said if you have questions about voting, you can go to

“We have a voter hotline, if voters have questions about where they go vote or if they should be allowed to vote or what type of ID they need,” she said.

PHOTO: Chris Davis/Emmis