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INDIANAPOLIS–Mayor Joe Hogsett had some trouble when he went to vote around 7:30 this morning. WISH TV was there and captured video of the poll workers being unable to find the mayor’s registration in the system.

“It had my name listed not as Joseph H. Hogsett, but as Joe Hogsett,” he said. “Once we put my more commonly-used name into the system it worked out fine.”

Hogsett was able to vote about ten minutes later.

“It’s not unusual for a system of this nature, being used for the first time, to have glitches. I just hope that we’ve got a good team of election board lawyers and inspectors that can help citizens work through if glitches occur,” he said.

Hogsett said he hopes everyone who wants to vote, can vote, with convenience.

His likely Republican opponent, state Sen. Jim Merritt voted shortly after Hogsett.

“It’s about walking down the sidewalk and feeling safe. It’s about having an infrastructure that’s top notch,” said Merritt.