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LEBANON, Ind.  — A Lebanon man convicted of beating a blind, mentally disabled man in 2018 will not spend time in prison.

Michael Hadden will spend one year on probation after pleading guilty to battery and resisting law enforcement.

Hadden beat Samuel Cherry in a garage in February 2018 and then struggled with the Lebanon patrolman who tried to resist him, according to The Lebanon Reporter.

Cherry has a mental disability and is legally blind, hearing impaired, and legally blind, according to police.

Cherry told police Hadden grabbed him from behind, dragged him into a garage, slammed him against a washer, and beat and choked him, court documents say.

Lebanon patrolman James Koontz found Cherry on the ground and Hadden standing near him. Koontz said Hadden tried to resist arrest, causing a cut to his finger, according to court documents.

Prosecutors dropped two other charges against Hadden in exchange for his guilty plea.

Hadden received a one-year suspended sentenced and was ordered to serve one year on probation.

(Photo by Brian A. Jackson/Thinkstock.)