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It’s officially May which means Mother’s Day is around the corner. Here at the Home and Garden Show we have 7 DIY gift ideas for the mom and/or gardener in your life.

These crafts are simple, adorable, great for any age, and affordable!


1. Paint a Flower Pot

Grab a couple of terra cotta pots (pretty cheap and easy to find) and let your kids paint away! You can join in on the fun too; maybe add some garden puns or a sweet message. Plant a little succulent or let the kids pick a flower at the store and plant it right in the pot.

Photo Credit: Allison Lemons. WIBC. 




2. Garden Steps

These are always fun with little ones. You can find these kits at your local store. Kids can decorate with their handprints, pretty stones, add their own drawings, and let it dry overnight. A pretty little decoration for mom’s garden!



3. Small Kitchen Herb Garden

Who doesn’t love some fresh parsley, mint, or rosemary especially in the summertime? Get her started with a few mason jars, her favorite versatile herbs, and a cute holding basket. She can place it in the kitchen or on the back patio ready to use!

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Two Herbs in pots.



4. Terrarium

Maybe your mom loves houseplants? You can use a glass vase, mason jar, or several craft stores have terrarium cases. The design can be up to you, place some dirt, rocks, seashells add some moss, succulents, ferns, sticks, and whatever houseplants you can find at your local nursery. A perfect gift for her desk, window sill, or a side table!

Photo Credit: Getty Images. Contributor/ The Washington Post


Small Terrarium with sand, shells, and moss on a desk.



5. Bird Feeder

There are many ways to be creative for this project! You can decorate a plate, cover some pinecones in peanut butter, etc. I used an old teacup I found at Goodwill.


Note: If you use paint or glue, make sure it’s non-toxic and safe for the birds.


Photo Credit: Allison Lemons. WIBC.


A tea cup sitting sideways on a plate, hung as a bird feeder.


6. Garden Markers

For the mom’s who plant any herbs or veggies create some garden markers. You can use wine corks, paint small rocks, popsicle sticks, or wooden spoons to personalize her garden!

Photo Credit: Allison Lemons. WIBC.


3 Wooden Spoons decorated for Garden Markers.


7.  Restock her gardening tools

Everyone loves a gift basket! Maybe mom just needs a restock on her favorite items. Grab her a new pair of gloves, replace the old watering can, some seeds to refill her bird feeder, a kneeling pad, new tools, the list can go on.


Whatever you decide, we wish all a wonderful Mother’s Day!