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INDIANAPOLIS — An investigation is underway after a deputy is said to have not followed proper protocol when transporting an inmate.

Lt. Col. James Martin says the inmate was able to escape. The 20-year veteran with the Marion County Sheriff’s Department has been placed on administrative leave pending an internal investigation.

Kollin Triggs escaped custody yesterday morning before carjacking a woman and leading police on a chase. 

“The inmate ran from our garage and up to the ramp and made his away over to the heliport,” Martin said. “There was a vehicle there that he took possession of and drove off.”

Triggs was back in custody within an hour and faces additional charges for his escape as well as battery, theft, and resisting law enforcement. 

“What I can tell you early on, according to the sheriff himself, is this deputy’s job is in jeopardy for not following proper porcedure,” Lt. Col. Martin added.

(PHOTO: Marion County Sheriff’s Office)