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With all the recent controversy surrounding the Indy Ten Point Coalition which resulted in the discipline of two city employees, I thought I would post a few facts about the organization to clear up a few things.

  1. The Ten Point mission is to curb the pattern of urban violence as it impacts young men of color ages 12 to 24.
  2. Indy TenPoint deploys ex-offenders, clergy, residents on the streets to engage at-risk youth, drug dealers, cliques, and gangs as peacemakers to help curb the pattern of urban violence.
  3. Indy TenPoint patrols in five neighborhoods:   Butler Tarkington, Crown Hill, Highland Vicinity, UNWA, and 38th to 42nd Street between Post Rd and Mitthoefer Rd.
  4. Indy Ten Point gives stipends to all of its volunteers who patrol the streets five days a week for 10 to 12 hours a week.
  5. In 20 years no Indy Ten Point Coalition board member has ever received money from the organization.
  6. Rev Dr. Charles R Harrison, President of Indy Ten Point,  has never received any money from Ten Point. All the work he does for Indy Ten Point is as a volunteer.
  7. No Ten Point Churches has every received money from Ten Point. Ten Point Coalition Churches pay yearly dues.
  8. Butler Tarkington went two years in 2016 & 2017 without a criminal homicide. The neighborhood went 1065 with a youth murder. Highland Vicinity has gone two years and nine months 2017, 2018, and 2019 without a criminal homicide. The neighborhood has gone almost four years without a youth murder. Crown Hill went one year without a criminal homicide, and 1220 days without a youth murder. There are two other areas that are less than 90 away from going a year without a criminal homicide.
  9. The organization has been contacted by various cities from across the nation to come and speak about their anti-violence and crime prevention model.
  10. The city of Indianapolis, through the central Indiana Community Foundation, has handed out more than $6 million in crime prevention grant money in the last three, the Ten Point Coalition has received less than $60,000.

Photo:  Indy Politics