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DYER, Ind. — Donations are needed to keep an 80-year-old fire truck on the road in Dyer.

The Dyer Fire Department in Lake County has created a GoFundMe page for its 1939 Seagrave fire engine.

The department used the engine to fight fires until the early 1970s when it was pulled off the front lines.

The 80-year-old truck is now used for parades, funerals, and community events, but it needs massive repairs to stay roadworthy, Fire Chief Thad Stutler told The Times of Northwest Indiana.

“Over the years, the time has taken its toll and we need your assistance to bring this piece of history back to life,” Dyer FD wrote on the engine’s GoFundMe page. “We are very proud of our old engine and want to keep it road worthy so it can be enjoyed by generations to come.”

Many of the parts needed to repair the engine, including brakes and a motor, are no longer available and will have to be custom-made.

The department said it is asking the public for help because there is no money in the budget to repair the antique fire engine.

“The department’s budget is used for repairs and to maintain our active first line response vehicles and equipment, that are currently in service. Therefore, there is no funding left,” Dyer FD said on GoFundMe.

The department hopes to raise $30,000 on GoFundMe for repairs and restoration.

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(Photo by the Dyer Fire Department via GoFundMe.)