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STATEWIDE — You should always wear your seat belt. 

That’s a message you constantly hear, but it’s a message Indiana State Police are really trying to push this month with their “Click It or Ticket” campaign. 

ISP Capt. Dave Bursten says seat belts save lives, even in non-serious crashes. 

“These are crashes that, when you look at the vehicle, you think someone maybe got a little banged up,” Bursten says. “And then you find out they were killed because they got ejected.”

“No one plans on being in a crash. But crashes happen. And once the crash happens, you can’t freeze frame and put your seat belt on to protect yourself. You do that by putting it on as soon as you get in the car, before you pull out to drive.”

Bursten says their “Click It or Ticket” campaign isn’t about giving people tickets, but just to raise awareness how important your seat belt is. 

“It should be common sense,” Bursten says. “Wear your seat belt, all the time, every time.”

Unrestrained drivers in cars and SUVs are 10 times more likely to die in crashes compared to those that do wear their seat belts. That number goes up to 14 times more likely for drivers in pickup trucks and 15 times more likely in vans.

According to State Police, drivers under the age of 25, especially young male drivers, are the least likely to be buckled during a crash. Injury rates among unrestrained motorists are also higher:

  • In rural counties
  • When a driver is speeding or impaired
  • On weekend nights between 11 p.m. and 4 a.m.

According to Bursten, if you do get pulled over for not wearing a seat belt, it will be a $25 ticket.

(Photo by: Chalabala/Thinkstock)