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(NEW HAVEN, Conn.) – Indiana’s accusing 20 generic drug makers of making you pay as much as 11 times what you should have for 100 different medications.

All but six states have joined the lawsuit, accusing the companies plus 15 executives of rigging bids, fixing prices and divvying up territory to drive up prices on more than 100 generic drugs. Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill says the medications involve range from cancer and HIV treatments to birth control.

Connecticut’s attorney general opened an investigation in 2014 after receiving complaints about suspicious price increases. That led to a still-pending lawsuit in Pennsylvania the following year, with Indiana and 45 other states accusing six companies of rigging prices on an antibiotic and a diabetes drug. That lawsuit grew to cover a total of 18 companies and 15 more drugs. The new case, filed in federal court in Connecticut, targets 12 of the same drugmakers plus eight new ones.

Two executives sued in the first case have reached settlements — the new case targets 15 more.

(Photo: John Tlumacki/Boston Globe via Getty Images)