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DELAWARE CO., Ind. —  Going over 100 mph on the interstate might not be the best idea when you have marijuana, more than 200 vials of liquid THC and a suspended driver’s license. 

Indiana State Trooper Bradley Tucker clocked James Oldham’s car going 102 mph on I-69. Tucker tried to catch up to Oldham’s car as it got off at the Muncie/Yorktown exit. 

Oldham passed a car on the ramp and then ran a red light to pull into a gas station. 

Tucker was able to talk to Oldham as he came out of the restroom. 

Tucker found that Oldham had a suspended license, and when they went back to the car to get the registration, Tucker said he could smell marijuana. 

Police found a bag of marijuana from California and 201 vials of liquid THC, worth $10,050. 

Oldham was charged with possession of marijuana and driving with a suspended license.

(Photo: Indiana State Police)