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KOKOMO, Ind. — The Howard Co. Election Board is looking into whether a Kokomo businessman committed voter fraud.

Allen Wilson is accused of changing his voter registration to include the address of his business, Competition Auto Body, instead of his home address.

An email sent to the Election Board by a Kokomo resident alleges Wilson changed his registration April 2 so he could cast an early ballot in the city’s Democrat primary, according to the Kokomo Tribune.

It is illegal in Indiana to register to vote using a business address. Knowingly submitting a fraudulent voter registration form can lead to criminal charges. 

This is not the first time Wilson has attempted to use the address of Competition Auto Body on his voter registration form, according to the Tribune. 

Records provided to the paper by the Howard Co. Voter Registration office show that Wilson tried to register with his business address in 2016.

That registration was rejected. This year, however, Wilson’s voter registration was approved.

County voter registration officials have not said why Wilson was able to register in 2019 with an address that was rejected three years earlier.

The Howard Co. Election Board told the Tribune it has the matter “under review” and “will refrain from communicating on the matter” until they have made a decision.

(Photo by Alex Wong/Getty.)