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Taco Bell is opening up an all new hotel, and it’s NACHO average place! 

Editor’s Note: See what we did there? 

Additional Editor’s Note: Yeah, we see you with your “that’s so lame” eye roll. Do you pay for the content on this blog? Okay then. Change your attitude and read on.

Taco Bell is taking over a hotel in Palm Springs, California, for three nights this August.

The company known for the most sophisticated and accurate presentation of traditional Mexican cuisine stated in a press release that everything within the hotel will be Taco Bell-themed, from the room decor to the breakfast menu to pool floaties shaped like hot sauce packets!

Please note: Due to the fact that Taco Bell is well known as the maker of America’s finest $.79 beef supreme laxative, hotel management shall require all guests who utlize the pool and hot tub facilities to wear Taco-Bell themed swim diapers. Goggles optional.

Lovers of MSG-infused fine dining at affordable prices will be able to stuff their fat American faces with Taco Bell snacks and cocktails throughout the duration of their stay! 

In addition, Taco Bell nail art will be available in the salon! You don’t get that sh*t at the Four Seasons!

The fine people of Taco Bell have yet to reveal which actual hotel is hosting the event in California, but please know and take Godly comfort in the news that further details will be forthcoming shortly. 

Stay tuned to this blog post for further updates. Also, listen to Mock and Daisy’s take on the Taco Bell hotel.