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STATEWIDE — Last week, Georgia joined three other states banning abortions at the first sign of a heartbeat. 

One group in Indiana doesn’t want that to happen in the Hoosier state.

ACLU of Indiana says there are five active cases right now on abortion laws the state of Indiana has enacted. 

“We’ll continue to make those fights,” says Jane Henegar, Executive Director of ACLU of Indiana. “And we’ll continue to fight across the country to make sure women are the ones that get to decide what to do with such an important and personal issue in their life.”

Henegar believes there’s a specific reason why some lawmakers are pushing hard for different versions of anti-abortion laws. 

“The advocates of these laws know they’re unconstitutional,” she says. “They’re doing it as an attempt to, if not overturn Roe v. Wade, then erode it to the point where it’s amenable protection for women.”

Last October, Indiana appealed a law signed by then-Governor Mike Pence that would allow the state, not a woman, to have the final say when it comes to abortion. The law would make it illegal to undergo an abortion for gender, race, and disability. 

Indiana’s case has been under review by the U.S. Supreme Court. 

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