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Medicare for all, Green New Deal, Reparations, Climate Change, Elimination of the Electoral College… Yes, take a gander at South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg’s list of 2020 policy proposals and you quickly realize he’s as radical and dangerous to the very foundation of liberty as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (albeit far more likable). 

Suggested campaign slogan for Mayor Pete: “Communism: We’ll Get ‘Er Right This Time.”

Here’s the way the disasterous list breaks down:

Health care: “Medicare for All Who Want It” as a pathway to Medicare for All

Racial equality: Create a commission to propose reparations policies for Black Americans and close the racial wealth gap

LGBTQ rights: Pass the Equality Act; reverse the ban on transgender military service; enforce the nondiscrimination provisions of the Affordable Care Act and key federal civil rights laws

Climate change: Implement a Green New Deal with all available tools including a carbon tax-and-dividend for Americans, and major direct investment to build a 100{fa7adc80df2e023940cc66418ee6bf3ea4951b478396a103014e7d5f7d7da9d3} clean energy society

Gun control: Raise the standard of gun protection and ownership to make all Americans safer

Extremism: Increase federal resources for countering domestic terrorism and white supremacist violence

Electoral college: A national popular vote to replace the Electoral College

We heard he’s for free puppies too.

WIBC hosts Hammer and Nigel talk Mayor Pete’s official rollout of policy proposals in the clip below.