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INDIANAPOLIS — An update for Indianapolis resident on plans for the IndyGo Blue Line Project.

The rapid-transit bus line will travel 24-miles along Washington Street between the town of Cumberland and the Indianapolis International Airport.

People at the meeting got a taste of what construction will look like as crews work on the Red Line, but Bryan Luellen with IndyGo said each bus line project — Red and Purple are the other —  has its own challenges.

The IndyGo vice president of public affairs said, “In some places, the work is actually going to be more intense. Both the Purple and Blue line projects are actually larger in scope than the Red Line — both in the distance it covers and some of the fundamental infrastructure we’ll be addressing with those projects.” 

The Blue Line is expected to cost $200 million. It will be the final phase of the Marion County Transit Plan, coming after the Red Line that will connect the University of Indianapolis to Broad Ripple, and the Purple Line, that will connect downtown to Lawrence. 

Construction on the Blue Line is supposed to start in 2020. Service is scheduled to start in 2022.