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Bernie Sanders and ‘Creepy Joe Biden’ are tied in field of delusional Democratic presidential hopefuls in Iowa, according to a new poll.

According to The Hill, “an Iowa Starting Line/Change Research poll released on Monday shows Biden and Sanders each receiving 24 percent support among likely Democratic caucusgoers in Iowa.”

In most polls around the country, however, Biden is well ahead of Big Bern. Political strategists claim the socialist senator who combs his hair with a balloon is enjoying residual strength from his 2016 run – the one that Hillary Clinton and her minions conspired to destroy. 


“So it’s not indicative of other states.”


“No, however, there is no candidate I want more than Bernie Sanders because if Biden secures the nomination, I think Trump is toast. In the latest polls, in fact, he’s about 10 points behind Biden in some of the key states that he won in 2016.”


“Well is Biden is doing the thing where it’s like the Obama/Biden ticket. He’s totally riding the coattails.”


“He even called it the ‘Obama/Biden’ economy. And how fascinating that he’s doing that, taking credit for Obama’s economy – as if that’s anything to take credit for – and yet, Obama has yet to endorse him.”

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