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INDIANAPOLIS–Keeping the NFL Scouting Combine in Indianapolis is a win for the city and for Indiana, said Chris Gahl, senior vice president of Visit Indy. He said the NFL madethe decision Wednesday, based partly on the coming expansion of the Indiana Convention Center and plans for two more large hotels in downtown Indy.

“Part of the news is that part of the Combine will shift into prime time television, which is essentially like hosting a Sunday night or Monday night football game,” said Gahl. He said the exposure from that will be invaluable.

“A lot of eyeballs tuning into NFL football coming out of Indianapolis, with those gorgeous commercial shots, coming in and out of commercials with the skyline.”


Gahl said the choice to keep the Combine here through 2021 will give the city exposure that could interest the people in charge of more conventions and events in Indianapolis.

He said the choice was partly because of the relationship the Irsay family has with people in charge of decisions in the NFL. But, one critical component is the downtown development. He said that is also helping in the decisions of groups like the FFA and the Fire Dept. Instructors, to keep their conventions in Indy.

But, Indy will also be subjected to a re-evaluation by the NFL each year to determine if it stays.

“Part of that re-evaluation each and every year moving forward, will be how is the city’s skyline changing and growing as their event grows,” said Gahl.

Gahl said Indy competed and will have to continue competing with other major cities for the Combine.

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