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The United States Speaker of the House just got evangelical on Donald Trump. Yes, the pompous, posturing politician, “Pastor Pelosi” said she will pray for the President following Wednesday’s surprise press conference in which Trump demanded Democrats quit investigating him.

Trump cut short a scheduled infrastructure meeting with the Democrats on Wednesday afternoon after Pelosi alleged earlier in the day that Trump is involved in a “cover-up.”

Pelosi added that she hoped family or staff would stage an intervention, citing Trump’s abrupt move to end negotiations on infrastructure during a meeting the day before.

The President has since ‘thanked’ Pelosi for her ‘kind’ word, tweeting, “Nancy, thank you so much for your prayers, I know you truly mean it!”

“Democrat leadership is tearing the United States apart, but I will continue to set records for the American People,” he added.

Good luck with your prayers, Nance. We’re pretty sure you must have prayed for the outcome of the 2016 election as well. How’d that work out, Skeletor?


“Trump said he’s not going to work with Democrats until they drop the investigations. I wonder if we’d be having a different conversation if she’d just kept her mouth shut before that infrastructure meeting.”


“Here’s the thing: Yes we would, but that conversation would be about a do-over in the damn Mueller probe.”


“That’s the thing with democrats, and it’s so transparent to me. They’re mad about the outcome of the election; they’re fuming about the Russia probe – Mueller spent over $2 million and came up with bupkis. Could you imagine waking up every day for two years expecting a bombshell that would take Trump and his family down, and now they’re reeling because Bill Barr has flipped the script and is now investigating them!”

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