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WIBC’s Nigel of the Hammer and Nigel Show knows the horror of having his home burglarized. The vandals broke in and completely ransacked the place, according to old Nige.

Not so for a man in Massachusetts who returned home to find that thieves had broken into his home and stolen… NOTHING. Not only that, they cleaned the house from top to bottom before leaving. 

Nate Roman of Marlborough, said he had returned home with his 5-year-old son last week when the little boy noticed that the back door was open.

“It was terrifying to know someone was in your house,” Roman said.

The intruder made up all the beds, stacked his son’s stuffed animals and left an origami rose on the toilet paper.

“They scrubbed everything down. They did the shower, did the toilets,” Roman said.

The unidentified intruder even left paper roses on the toilet paper roll.

WIBC hosts Hammer and Nigel discuss the OCD Bandit in the clip below.