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(Alex Wong/Getty Images)

President Donald Trump is frustrated by congressional democrats’ unwillingness to accept the findings of the Mueller investigation and concentrate on the business of the American people, according to Deputy Assistant to the President, Adam Kennedy.

“Instead of making meaningful progress to the benefit of the country on the whole, they’re trying to redo an investigation that Robert Mueller said yesterday is over and done,” Kennedy said in an exclusive interview with WIBC host Tony Katz Thursday. 

“There’s been no collusion; there’s been no obstruction,” Kennedy added. “In fact, the President has been completely transparent in this process.”

Kennedy noted that the President’s continuous opposition to the investigation does not equate to obstruction, adding that Special Counsel Mueller’s findings should be the final say on the matter. 

“Mueller could have easily said ‘I think someone in Congress should pick this up and finish my investigation,’ [but] he didn’t,” said Kennedy. “[Mueller] actually took the Attorney General and the Deputy Attorney General to the side, and they looked at his investigation and said ‘there is no obstruction and there is no collusion.’”

Deputy Assistant Kennedy also told Katz that the administration is fully prepared for the possibility of impeachment should Democrats attempt to go that route.

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