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HENRY CO., Ind. — Nobody likes scammers, but this Henry County woman hated her scammer so much she wanted him dead.

Tisha Raines, of Springport, was arrested last August after she tried to hire a hit man to kill a California man she believed scammed her, said the Muncie Star Press.

Turns out the California man was scammed himself, and someone had stolen his identity. The person that stole the man’s identity scammed more than 100 people through dating websites.

An acquaintance of Raines told FBI agents that Raines was looking for a hit man. 

An agent posing as a hired killer later met with Raines, who offered them $5,000 and a down payment of meth for the killing. 

Raines pleaded guilty, and her and federal prosecutors signed a plea agreement, said the Star Press. 

(Photo: Henry County Jail)