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(INDIANAPOLIS) – The dancing LED stick figure at the gateway to Mass Ave in Indianapolis needs an upgrade, and wants your help to do it.

The Indianapolis Cultural Trail has launched a $263,000 crowdfunding campaign to fix the circuitry in “Ann Dancing,” the electronic artwork installed by British artist Julian Opie in 2008. Cultural Trail executive director Karen Haley says the 11-year-old technology that keeps the minidress-wearing figure perpetually swaying is behind the times. Instead of physically opening the artwork’s four-sided case every time the installation needs repairs, the trail wants to install new hardware that will allow repairs to be made remotely through the cloud.

The fund drive includes options to donate via the Internet or by text. Mass Ave shops and the campaign’s website will be selling T-shirts and tote bags of Ann, with proceeds going toward the fundraising effort. And Haley’s encouraging people to host their own fundraisers, with a mobile version of Ann available to serve as a focal point.

Haley hopes to reach the goal in time for a campaign-closing block party on June 29 featuring Indianapolis dance troupes. After that, the repairs are expected to take four-to-six weeks.

“Ann Dancing” (Photo: Al Drago/CQ Roll Call via Getty Images)