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You know what’s scary? When you get bitten by a snake that’s been hiding in your toilet.

Authorities in Florida say a ball python slithered out of a toilet and bit a South Florida man on the arm Sunday.

Coral Springs police spokesman Chris Swinson told media outlets the victim was treated at the scene after the 4-foot snake bit him when he lifted the toilet seat on Sunday morning. 

Better the arm than the… Never mind.

The good news for the snake bite victim is that the ball python is nonvenomous.

The snake didn’t belong to the man and he is unsure how it got into his apartment.

According to USA Today, the Coral Springs Humane Society took the snake to a veterinarian’s office. It was being treated for a scale infection.


“Here’s the problem: I never close the toilet seat in my house. If I lived in Florida, there would be snakes everywhere. There would just be snakes crawling all over my house.”


“I bet the snake has a gator friend who talked him into doing it. ‘Dude, you know what would be hilarious?’”

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