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Rambo V: Last Blood is headed to theaters soon, “and this time he’s… uh… REALLY old.”

Yes, 72-year-old Sly Stallone is back as Vietnam veteran and American badass, “John Rambo,” and he’s here to shoot terrorists with a ridiculously unnecessary amount of bullets, blow them to smithereens by constructing makeshift bombs made of nothing more than common items from his shaving kit, and if all else fails, beat and stab them to death with his cane (because he’s old). And WHY does he kill them all in such a gruesome and violent manner? Because they wouldn’t get off his lawn, damn it! 

“Last Blood,” the latest installment in the “Rambo” franchise features our friend, “Grandpa John” as he teams up with a reporter to penetrate a Mexican drug cartel and save a young girl who was born sometime between Rambo III and Rambo IV (but closer to Rambo IV). 

So why should you see Rambo V: “(Probably) Last Blood? Because anyone making action films and doing stunts at 72 years of age is a badass and deserves your box office support. Besides, it’s Biblical: respect for your elders and such. 

Hammer and Nigel offer another reason to catch “Rambo V” in theaters: the increasing intrusion of “political correctness” that will dominate films in the coming years and completely ruin action movies for at least a generation. Click below to hear more in today’s edition of “Is This Anything?”