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(Steven Gottlieb / Contributor / Getty Images)

Swalwell is out, kids. Yes, it’s been a real nail-biter of an extraordinarily BRIEF bid for the presidency, but the California congressman just doesn’t see a path to the White House after all. 

What was the final straw for ole’ Eric? Was it the lack of support from anyone outside of his immediate family? Was it the piss-poor results from his fundraising efforts? Was it the fact that most voters didn’t even know he was running for President, let alone considering dropping out? 

Answer: Yes!

But take heart, Swalwell supporter. The California representative’s historically unimpressive campaign and vague promises to “only take the most dangerous guns” out of the hands of the “most dangerous people” did not go unnoticed by the fine executive team at Hammer and Nigel records.

Click the link below to check out the latest hit single from “Eric Swalwell Sings The Blues.”