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(Screen Capture: Fox 17, West Michigan)

As the saying goes, “Happy Wife, Happy Life.” And when that wife-to-be is a MAGA gal, she gets EXACTLY what she wants!

Case in point: Audra Johnson.

Audra is a 100{83f7c2244953b4bf01b196ebfaf5450e8f75eee3a4e52ad05b8b652e38f3adb9} red-blooded, patriotic, pro-Trump American. So, when it came time to plan her wedding, only ONE theme passed muster: MAGA.

Audra and her now-husband, Jeff, went all in with their pro-Trump wedding ceremony, including the groomsmen’s ‘don’t tread on me’” cufflinks. Each reception table featured a petition for an anti-abortion “heartbeat bill.” Even the bride’s nails were painted to look like American flags.

As is customary at any wedding, Audra’s gown was what really stole the show. The dress was an Andre Soriano original, made out of a MAGA flag.

Soriano is apparently known for his custom “Trump gowns.” 

Audra Johnson spoke with WIBC hosts Jason Hammer and Rob Kendall about her Trump-themed wedding and the feedback she’s received – positive and negative – online.  She and her husband sound pretty cool.

Check the link below to hear Audra’s full interview with Hammer and Kendall.