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INDIANAPOLIS — The family of missing baby Amiah Robertson came together Sunday to celebrate what would have been her first birthday.

It was an emotional day for Amiah’s mom and other family and friends as they built the second memorial in baby Amiah’s honor near the last place she was seen and let off balloons with messages to the missing 1-year-old.

While they are filled with grief and questions, now four months after her disappearance, they say they just want her home.

“I pray every night to God that my daughter returns home with me,” says Amber Robertson, Amiah’s mom.

Robertson says she never would have imagined this being the way she celebrated her daughter’s first birthday.

“No one would ever want to experience their child’s birthday by a tree, or maybe by a graveyard, whatever the case may be. You are not going to want to experience that. So let her come home. That is all I’m asking,” she says.

Amiah was last seen with her mothers boyfriend, Robert Lyons, on March 9. Lyons has been named as a suspect in the homicide investigation surrounding Amiah Robertson.

Police say there is no new information to report on this case.